Tips for Hiring an Appropriate Skip Bin

Skip bin hire is a handy way to clear up your property. You can book the skip for a set time frame and fill it at your convenience. To avoid hassles, you should consider a few things when selecting it. Here are several of them.

Choosing the Skip Size

You need to think about the capacity and proportions of the skip. When matching its size to your waste amount, you may be tempted to minimise the rubbish quantity. You can get advice from a skip hire company or go up a size to the next-largest one. You may otherwise end up paying more overall if you need two skips.

Many websites make the process easier by equating each skip size to several wheelie bins. That way, you can picture the number of wheelie bins your stuff would fit into and choose the equivalent skip.

If you plan to put the skip on the driveway or front lawn, ensure that there is enough room. You may need a permit from the local council if you put it on the nature strip.

Load the Skip so It's Safe

The skip will arrive on a truck with a mechanical arm to set it wherever you want. Once full, the skip is hoisted back onto the truck and driven away. Thus, it makes sense to load the skip so that it's safe. Only fill it to the rim and not over, as stuff may fall off.

Additionally, to ensure that the skip transports well, spread heavy and light things evenly. You should also put the heavy things underneath and the lighter things on top, so the skip is balanced and stable when it's being lifted and in transit.

Consider the Materials You Throw in the Skip

Skip bins can hold a lot of types of rubbish, such as bricks, concrete, furniture, and terracotta. However, you will need to choose an appropriate skip for your trash. Some are designated for garden waste, for instance, and others for building rubble. Another might be for general household goods.

Some items can't be put in a skip because they're hazardous or require special handling. These include things like gas bottles, fire extinguishers and asbestos.

Additionally, some items may be permitted at an extra charge. Mattresses could be one of these. Mattresses are often taken to a special facility, where they are pulled apart and the different elements are repurposed. Other things that could incur extra costs are carpets and rubber tyres. Ultimately, you should check exactly what is allowable and what may cost extra. If you don't follow the rules, you may end up paying extra.

For more information about skip bin hire, contact a local company.