Two reasons to get skip bins with doors for your business premises

Here are two reasons to get skip bins with doors for your business premises.

It will enable employees with physical disabilities to use them more easily

If you have any employees with physical disabilities, then you should definitely get this type of skip bin, as it could enable them to dispose of your premises' refuse much more easily. If for example, a wheelchair-using employee has to put a large bag of rubbish in a doorless skip bin, they may find this hard, due to how much taller the skip bin walls are than they are whilst seated in their chair. In contrast, if you provided your employees with a bin that had doors, those who use wheelchairs could open these doors and easily throw the refuse into them.

Likewise, if you have any employees who are visually impaired, they might find it easier to use a bin with doors. For example, when using a bin without doors, a visually impaired person might accidentally graze the full rubbish bag against the bin's upper edge and cause it to rip because it would be hard for them to aim correctly when tossing the bag. Conversely, if the bin had doors, they could use their sense of touch to unlock these doors and then could simply place the bag inside it, without having to worry about throwing it in the right direction.

It will cut down on the rate of work-related injuries that occur on your premises

The other reason why skip bins with doors could be great for your business is that they could cut down on the number of work-related injuries that you have to deal with. When employees have to dispose of heavy rubbish bags in a normal skip bin, they often need to lift those bags over their heads to get them over the bin's walls or they have to toss them over it in a very forceful way. This can result in neck, arm or back injuries that can debilitate these employees for months. If your employees suffer these injuries, it could create problems within your business, due to the long periods of time these people might have to take off work.

If, however, you give your employees a bin with doors, they won't have to do any throwing or excessive lifting of the bag but can instead hold it by their side and leave it on the bin's floor. Reach out to a company like OZ Skip Bins for information about skip bins with door hire.