What You Need to Know About Skip Bin Hire

Skip bins are suitable for both residential and commercial needs. All you need to do is choose the right skip bin company, share your needs and enjoy the skip bin company's services.

Choosing A Skip Bin Hire Company

The first thing you want to do is consider whether the skip bin company offers residential or commercial skip bin services. Residential and commercial settings produce different kinds of waste, meaning that you cannot expect a residential skip bin hire company to have the knowledge, skills or expertise to handle waste produced commercially.

Additionally, since commercial waste differs because of the different kinds of businesses, find a company that handles the kind of commercial waste you produce. Residential waste is usually standard; most residential skip bin hire companies can offer residential skip bin hire services for almost all kinds of residential waste.

It is important to note that skip bin waste collection services do not collect hazardous or liquid waste.

Your Needs and Skip Bin Hire Company Requirements

If you contact a skip bin hire company, expect a site visit. The visit is mainly to find out the different types of waste produced and the amount. This helps you figure out the size of the skip bin you require. It also helps identify the features that might be added to the skip bin. For example, you might want castor wheels, a skip bin closing mechanism or a lift-on system to prevent scraping of driveways.

You may find that the skip bin hire company might also require that you separate your waste, meaning you could be supplied with different skip bins for different types of waste.

The visit also enhances the skip bin hire company to establish a waste collection schedule arrived at by calculating the amount of waste produced daily.

What Skip Bin Services Do You Enjoy?

Without skip bin hire company services, you would be forced to buy garbage/skip bins, have them modified to suit your needs, look for a company to collect the waste, hire garbage/skip bin cleaners, etc. This is a lot of work and it can be tedious; it can also be expensive.

Hiring a skip bin company ensures that all the work mentioned above is tackled by one company at an affordable cost. The skip bin hire company provides skip bins, collects waste, disposes of it in an environmentally friendly manner, cleans the bins and replaces your them with clean ones. Your job is just to pay them a monthly or annual fee and ensure the skip bin area is clean.

To learn more about skip bin hire, contact a rental company today.