Two Tips To Keep The Possums Out Of Your Skip Bin

Spring is always a productive time in any home when it comes to cleaning and tackling renovation projects. The temperatures are warming up so the energy levels rise. As someone who has already decided to hire a skip bin to take care of your spring cleaning trash, you are well on your way to being organised. However, one thing you may not have considered is the mess made when a possum gets in your skip bin. Keep these two pointers in mind before the container is delivered to your home.

Possums Want Food

Pesky possums love to feast on leftover food scraps—one of the reasons why garbage bins have lids. Some possums are so unafraid of humans, they will come onto your deck at night and steal the pet food.

The skip bin is delivered to the front of your home, so you may be tempted to throw your everyday waste in there with your project waste. However, daily waste includes food scraps that will encourage the possums to get into your bin and forage. Be sure to put your food scraps in the standard lidded garbage bin where it belongs.

Hire A Lidded Bin

There are many places in Australia where possums are prevalent, and, when you live in an area with an active possum population, it is wise to hire a lidded bin for your springtime project. Possums will head into your bin looking for food, and, even though you haven't left any scraps in there for them, they can do other destructive acts such as:

  • Tear into the rubbish in the bin while looking for food. This leaves a mess outside the bin for you to clean up the next day.
  • Mark their territory by urinating on the objects in the bin. They will also wipe their scent glands on the bin walls. The smell is strong and pungent and not pleasant to have next to your home while you complete the project.

Finally, keep in mind that, when the skip bin is delivered, you don't want it placed right next to your home. Possums love to climb and jump, so they will happily use the skip bin as a platform to get on your roof. If you don't want to wake up at three a.m. to the sound of a stranger stomping around above you in hobnail boots (the sound of a possum walking on your roof), then it is best to keep it at least 4 meters from your roofline.