What Information to Gather Before You Hire a Skip Bin

It's not unusual for homeowners to hire a skip bin before a renovation or remodeling project, or even for a very thorough cleanout of their home; you usually cannot legally put all that waste in your home's regular trash, and a bin keeps your property clean and safe during work. When you're ready to hire a skip bin, you may find it a bit overwhelming if you've never gone through the process before. Consider some information to gather and even write down, so you can get the right bin and nothing is overlooked.

What trash will be generated

Are you doing a full roof tear-off, and will that also mean pulling out insulation under the roof? Are you pulling out drywall as well as tearing up carpeting? Are you pulling up an old wood deck from outside the home and will this mean landscaping features along with it? Note all the trash that will be generated, as you may need to get different types of bins for different types of rubbish, and your rental agency may tell you that you'll be producing too much rubbish for just one bin. You may also find that they won't accept certain items, at least not without an added fee. This can include mattresses, tyres, any type of oil, and anything they may deem hazardous.

How much trash

Along with the type of trash, note how much; you can do this by including the size of your home's roof or the interior room you'll be renovating, the size of the deck you'll be removing, and so on. The rental agency can then usually figure how much trash this type of project will generate.

How long the project will last

Don't make the mistake of thinking you can get a roof remodel or any interior remodel done in a day or even a weekend; note how long your roofing contractor says he or she will be onsite or overestimate the time it will take to handle those interior renovations, so you know you have the bin for the right length of time. The rental agency will usually give you a discount if you have them pick up the bin earlier than you arranged, but you might find you pay more money to add one day at a time to your rental agreement than if you rented it for a full week or weekend to begin with. Check these price points with your bin hire agency against your notes of your expected timeframe so you get the best price possible.